Junior High Community Service

By: Miss Leah Horne 

On December 19, all junior high students and teachers volunteered at various locations in the area.  The students were divided into four groups, each going to a different organization and volunteering in various ways.  Miss Hiller and Mr. Leonard worked with Habitat for Humanity helping to paint the inside of a Habitat house in Findlay.  Mrs. Metzger and a group of 20 students went to Mission Possible where they helped to sort a variety of items to be shipped to schools in Haiti in the coming months.  Moreover, students also took inventory to ensure that all items were organized appropriately.  Mrs. Niese's group went to Good Samaritan to spend time with the residents at ​The ​Orchard​s​.

While there, students played games with the residents while also crafting and spreading holiday cheer with Christmas carols.  Miss Horne and Mrs. Butler visited the Mazza Museum on the University of Findlay's campus, helping prepare activities for upcoming Funday Sundays.Overall, the day was successful and the organizations expressed their thanks for our volunteerism.  In fact, we have been invited back to volunteer again should the opportunity present itself.  As a team, the ​j​unior ​high teachers effectively collaborated to provide students with an enriching opportunity as many of us felt that these students had very little experience (if any) giving back to the community that gives us so much.  Initial feedback from the students indicates they had an enjoyable time and felt a sense of satisfaction in volunteering during this season of giving. 

Here are some pictures!


Musical Audition Help Session

There will be a musical audition help session Thursday, August 22nd at 10:00am and 4:00pm in the choir room. Interested students will have a chance to read lines and sing and receive some coaching as they prepare for the auditions the first week of

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