Junior High Career Day

By: Bridget Barrientos

The Junior High students traveled to one of the four communities for a career day that they had on May 3rd. The students had the opportunity to visit the following organizations: Blanchard Valley Hospital, Grob, Potash/Nutrien, The University of Findlay Equestrian Farm, and the Findlay Veterinary Center of America (VCA). While they were at the listed professions they were exposed to the complexity of each of the jobs to have a better understanding of the skill that is needed. Students were able to engage with the professionals of each job so they knew exactly what they had to do for it. Overall, they considered this a great and  successful experience and would like to continue this for them in the future.

Arlington PTO Sweetheart Dance

The Arlington PTO is hosting a Sweetheart Dance on Saturday, May 11 from 6:00 - 7:30 PM in the Arlington School Gym. Students PS through 6th grade are invited to attend with a parent(s) or an adult role model. Please join us for a night of fun, dancing and unforgettable memories! See more information in "Elementary Opportunities".

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Arlington? More like ARTlington!

Click here to read about the young artists in the Arlington community!

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