Adding Color to Local Businesses

By: Brianna Heyman

Elementary students have designed quite the competition.

 There was an art competition last week, open for all kids in grades 4-6. Kids were able to draw an ad for any of the given businesses. There was a winner selected to place their ad in the paper for each business. Arlington has participated in the competition for over ten years. Out of Arlington's many entries, thirteen were selected. In addition to the three grand prize winners, there was a drawing for a tablet, which all of the entries could participate in. Mason Cavinee, a sixth grader at Arlington, was the tablet winner. Good job to all of the participants and to the winners! Also, thank you so much to Mrs. Inniger for making this competition available to the students!

Golf Camp

Mark your calendars for a free golf camp for grades 9-12! Camp will be held July 29, 30, and 31 from 8 AM - 10 AM with the option to play 9 holes afterward. Interested players should report to Sycamore Springs with clubs.

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