Senior of the Month: February

Senior of the Month: February

Congratulations to Olivia Line on receiving the February Senior of the Month! Here are some questions we asked her:

What will you miss most about high school?
-What I will miss most about high school is getting to see my friends everyday and going to all of our sporting events. I will also miss the friendliness and genuine care that all of my teachers emit.
What is your favorite high school memory?
-My favorite high school memory is just all the time I've spent with my close friends, whether it be the sleepovers after homecomings or convincing each other to WWE body slam a yoga ball. The memories we've all created together will always be my favorite.
What are your future plans?
-I plan on attending The Ohio State University after high school to major in radiologic science and therapy to later become an ultrasound technician.
Who is your role model?
-My role model is my grandpa. My grandpa was patient, selfless, and grateful under every and all circumstances. He is someone I strive to resemble everyday.
What is your favorite subject?
-My favorite subject is probably biology and physics.
What is your biggest fear?
-My biggest fear is being lied to… oh and drowning! Drowning is scary.
What are some of your hobbies?
-Some of my hobbies include being a master at Bop It, annoying my mom, and spending way too much time on YouTube.
What is your proudest moment?
-My proudest moment in life is probably getting accepted into my dream college.


Here is what the staff has to say about Olivia:

· “Olivia is a very consciousness of her work and strives to succeed. She readily accepts any challenge with determination and perseverance. Her kindness and curious questions in class were always appreciated. Congratulations Olivia!”

· “Olivia is a clever, responsible, hardworking student in my class. She asks great questions to further her understandings of material taught in class and does a great job of explaining concepts to others. She has played an important role as a senior leader in loud crowd and president of Science National Honor Society. Congratulations Olivia!”

· “Olivia shows strength in her leadership, work ethic, respectfulness and eagerness to learn and help others! She readily greets others with kind words and a smile.”

· “Olivia Line is one of those students you can always rely on: she gets her homework done, she perseveres, she is responsible, she is determined, she always strives to do her best, and she always puts in 110% effort. She is a pleasure to have in class and I know she will go on to make many positive differences in the world! She certainly deserves this award!”

· “Olivia is an all-around great student to have in class! She's super organized, asks and answers questions in class, and takes her work very seriously.”