2018 Fall Sports Banquet

By: Glen Thompson

From football to volleyball, golf to cheerleading, all of our fall athletes have had an impressive and accomplished season. We are incredibly proud of all our athletes and can’t wait to see what else they have in store!


Football: 7-3

First Year Letters: Chris Cortez, Connor Foust, Caden Lafferty, Andrew “Bernie” Burnett, Gage

McAdams, John Ayers, AJ Myers

Second Year Letters: Jack Bateson, Bryce Gast, William Flick, Jaret Vermillion, Carter

Essinger, Ty Webb, Malcolm Williams, Tyson Speyer, Evan Rice, Ryan Metzger

Third Year Letters: Ivan Berry, Kaiden Fredette, Jacob Russell

Fourth Year Letters: Evan O’Rear, Devin Plunkett, Nate Sheets

Mr. Red Devil: Evan O’Rear

Outstanding Player of the Year: Evan O’Rear

Lineman of the Year: Nate Sheets

Pepper Award: Malcolm Williams

Most Improved: John Ayers

Senior Punt, Kick, Snap, Pass:

Punt: Malcolm Williams

Kick: Malcolm Williams

Snap: Devin Plunkett

Pass: Evan O’Rear

1st Team BVC: Nate Sheets, Ivan Berry, Tyson Speyer

2nd Team BVC: Evan O’Rear, Jaret Vermillion

3rd Team BVC: Ryan Metzger, William Flick

Honorable Mention: Jacob Russell, Kaiden Fredette, Caden Lafferty, Ty Webb

BVC All Academic: John Ayers, Ryan Metzger, Evan O’Rear, Jacob Russell


Volleyball: 20-6

First Year Letters: Hailey Essinger, Izzy Riegle, Lindsay Dodds, Erin Ramsdell, Kyra Bormuth,

Abbie Sheets

Second Year Letters: Morgan Wykes, Sarah Solt

Third Year Letters: Jenna Pepple

Fourth Year Letters: Hannah Willow

1st Team BVC: Hannah Willow

2nd Team BVC: Jenna Pepple

3rd Team BVC: Lindsay Dodds

Honorable Mention: Morgan Wykes, Sarah Solt

BVC All Academic: Sarah Solt, Jenna Pepple, Kyra Bormuth, Hannah Willow

Most Improved: Izzy Riegle

Red Devil: Kyra Bormuth

Senior All-Star: Hannah Willow

District 8 First Team: Hannah Willow

All-Ohio Honorable Mention: Hannah Willow

All-Ohio Senior All-Star: Hannah Willow


Golf: 10-3

Second Year Letters: Austin Rausch, Logan Below

Third Year Letters: Emma Smith, Will Bushong, Brayden Bushong, Garner Anderson, Ewan


1st Team BVC: Braydon Bushong

2nd Team BVC: Will Bushong

Honorable Mention: Ewan Martin, Garner Anderson

BVC All Academic: Will Bushong, Garner Anderson

MVP: Brayden Bushong



First Year Letters: Glen Thompson, Makenna Foust, Kelsey Dempster, Sophia Dillon, Courtney

Fox, Maria Crawford

Second Year Letters: Heidi Beach, Bailey Rock

Third Year Letters: Alyssa Bushong

Frozen Jr. The Musical
The Arlington music department presents Frozen Jr. - The Musical. You can reserve seating for this event by stopping by the high school office or contacting Mr. Haught at 419-365-5121 ext. 252.  Please use the links below to view seating availability. Any seat highlighted in yellow has already been sold. Seats are reserved on a first come - first serve basis. 

Laugh, Learn & Sing Along With Zak Morgan

Come laugh, learn & sing along with Grammy Nominee Zak Morgan! Click here to find out when and where!

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Welcoming Our New Teacher!

Having a new teacher is always exciting and intriguing for a student. It means new opportunities, lessons, projects, and relationships. It opens up doors and possibilities for excellence. All teachers want the best for their students and will work diligently to help them achieve their goals, but that can bring stress for the teacher. Here at Arlington, we are welcoming a new teacher, Ms. Lyon!

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