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Ohio Means Jobs                                          Ohio Means Jobs K-12 Students (Link)

College/Career Readiness help can be found through the Ohio Means Jobs site for K-12 students.  Students can explore occupations, take inventories, and see what jobs are in demand in Ohio under the Explore It tab. Under the Plan It tab, test prep can be found for the PSAT, ACT, SAT and even the ASVAB, as well as information on interview skills and practice.  Additionally through the College Navigator link located at the bottom they can explore what colleges offer their majors of interest and learn more about them.  Definitely a site well worth visiting again and again!


                     Millstream Career Center (Link)

Arlington students have the opportunity to participage in a Millstream Career Center program during their junior and senior years.  Students enrolled at Millstream are still considered a part of Arlington High while able to take advantage of opportunities offered at both schools.  The hands-on training offered at Millstream allows many students to leave high school with career skills and/or college credits in their field to give them a headstart following graduation.  Applications open the second semester of student's sophomore year.  Transportation is provided.

CC+ Logo                             College Credit Plus ( Link)

Ohio allows students in grades 7-12 to take college classes for both high school and college credit.  In order to participate, students and their families must attend a meeting held prior to March 1 of each year and complete intent to participate forms.  Students may attend any university of their choice and may take a total of 30 hours of credit each year.  Each full credit high school class equals 3 hours, so the number of courses a student takes here at Arlington determines the number of college credits students are eligible to participate.  Cost of tuition is paid by the state and school unless a class is failed, at which time the cost becomes the student/family responsiblity.  Explore the website for more information and feel free to ask any questions of me.  We commonly partner with the following universities: University of Findlay, University of Northwestern OhioOwens Community College, Rhodes State CollegeUniversity of Toledo


 ACT Logo                          ACT Test Dates     (Link)

College-going students will want to take an ACT beginning in the Spring of their junior year (either April or June test).  Most students take the test multiple times to achieve their highest score.  ACT  prep classes are offered by Arlington staff twice a year on Saturdays, usually for the October and April tests.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.  The writing test is required for some colleges so it is suggested that you take it at least once.  Some colleges offer Power or Super Scoring where they will take the best score from all tests taken.  Usually the higher the score, the higher the opportunity for scholarships.

SAT Logo                                     SAT Test Dates   (Link)

Although the ACT is the most commonly taken test in our area and all colleges accept it, some students actually test better on the SAT.  Students can take the SAT to see if they earn a better score.  There will be a new format of the test beginning in March of 2016.  SAT also offers subject tests if a student is strong in a particular area and wants the opportunity to demonstrate it. (Most commonly used for sciences and foreign languages, but many more are offered)

                  Eligibility for Playing College-Level Sports   ( Link)

Many student athletes go on to compete at the college level.  In order to be eligible for recruiting and scholarships students need to understand the requirements and realize this begins from the moment they begin their high school classes.  Students must have earned 16 core credits (math, english, science, social studies, and foreign language - NCAA approved courses only) and maintain a minimum of a 2.3 average in JUST those core classes.  Additionally they must register with the NCAA elibility center and it is suggested this occur no later than their junior year, although earlier is encouraged.  For more information visit the link.

NAIA                Eligibility for Playing College-Level Sports   (Link)

Many student athletes go on to compete at the college level.  In order to be eligible for recruiting and scholarships students need to understand the requirements and realize this begins from the moment they begin their high school classes.  Students must have earned an 18 Composite on the ACT or a 940 on the SAT.  Additionally students must have a minimum 2.0 gpa and graduate in the top half of their class.  It is recommended students register with the NAIA eligibility center no later than their junior year.  An early determination of eligibility can be granted in some cases.  For more information visit the link.

Job Shadow  (Form Download)

 As students explore their future options we encourage students to spend time actually experiencing a career.  Students need to be conscientious to not miss classes at times that will hurt them, but we allow students the opportunity to job shadow in a field they are considering.   The form should be brought to the office with 2 days advance notice and the visit registered with Mrs. Hutcheson and Mrs. Wehrle (signatures required), then taken to the job site to be signed on the day of the visit.  We reserve the right to deny this priviledge if a student's attendance and/or grades indicate school cannot be missed.

Junior/Senior College Visits  (Form Download)

As Juniors and Seniors planning for their future, 2 college visits can be made each of those years .  The form should be brought to the office with 2 days advance notice and the visit registered with Mrs. Hutcheson and Mrs. Wehrle (signatures required), then taken to the college to be signed on the day of the visit.  


Transcript Release Form  (Form Download)

As seniors apply to college we need permission to release their transcripts.  Rather than print individual transcript release froms from each school, I offer this form as a blanketed way to authorize.  Students and families can choose to release them to any school, or name particular schools.  No transcript is ever released without direct student authorization, so even if a school/organization would request one nothing would be released without first receiving direct permission from the student.



Note NEW Deadlines for 2017 -   fafsa deadlines (link)


2016-2017 Deadlines2016-2017 Deadlines PDF

Includes deadlines for all states.

Federal Deadline

Online applications must be submitted by midnight Central Time, June 30, 2017.
Any corrections or updates must be submitted by midnight Central Time, September 23, 2017.

State Deadline
Ohio - Opens  October 1, 2016
College Deadline
Check with the college(s) you are interested in attending. You may also want to ask your college about its definition of an application deadline - whether it is the date the college receives your FAFSA, or the date your FAFSA is processed.

The first step in financial aid is to file a FAFSA as soon as possible when help is needed.  Whether it is  believed you will qualify or not, it is important to file as colleges use this as the first step in financial aid.  If you do not file, it is likely that the next step will not be reached and financial aid opportunities may be missed.  With few exceptions, most students will need parent tax information to file.  Our state deadline is October 1, 2016 by midnight and you will use your 2015 filed taxes.   If help is needed, college financial aid offices are great resources.

  Order Credentials from Parchment

We now have electronic transcript services through Parchment.  Currently only our seniors are eligible, but this may change in the future!   Use the button above to order transcripts. 


2017 Senior Scholarships, Apprenticeships/Trainings

Scholarships Amount Deadline Further Information
Ball Recycling Scholarship $2,000 September 16, 2016 Ball Recycling
Wendy's Heisman Scholarship    Up to $10,000 October 3, 2016 Wendys High School Heisman
United Way Secor Scholarship    Up to $8,000 December 1, 2016 Secor Scholarship
AXA Achievement Scholarship Up to $25,000 December 15, 2016 AXA Achievement
Burger King Scholar Up to $50,000

December 15, 2016  

Burger King Scholars
GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship    Up to $40,000

   January 5, 2016

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship
BGSU Action Scholarships    Up to $20,000

   January 15, 2017

BGSU Action (Science & Math Education)
Megawatt Scholarship    $5,000    January 15, 2017    Megawatt Scholarship
Ohio Townships Association    $1500    January 28, 2017 Ohio Townships
Ohio School Board Association Book Scholarship    $500    January 30, 2017 OSBA Book Scholarship
America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders $1500    February 1, 2017    FFA Scholarships
Hancock-Wood Electric  Co-op Up to $2500    February 1, 2017 Hancock-Wood Electric Scholarship
Jamie Farr Scholarship   $3000    February 1,2017    Jamie Farr Scholarship
Toledo Community Foundation Scholarships    Varies    February 1, 2017 Toledo Community Foundation Scholarships
Charles L. Warren Memorial Heritage Scholarship 2017 $1000    February 3, 2017 Warren Scholarship
Daughters of American Revolution    Up to $20,000    February 10, 2017 NSDAR Scholarships
Wings of Eagles Scholarship    $1,000   February 10, 2017 Wings of Eagles
National Co-op Scholarship Program Varies    February 15, 2017    National Co-op Scholarship Program
Mercy Health Scholarship    $1500    February 24, 2017 Mercy Health St. Rita's Health Partners Scholarship
Cyberbullying Prevention Scholarship    $1000    February 28, 2017 Cyberbullying Prevention Scholarship
Hancock County Retired Teachers Association Scholarship    $1000    March 1, 2017 Hancock County Retired Teachers Association
OAPSE/AFSCME Memorial Scholarship    $2500    March 1, 2017    Ohio Association of Public School Employees Scholarships
Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Foundation Scholarship $1000    March 1, 2017 OOGEEP Scholarship
State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship    $2500    March 1, 2017 Good Neighbor Scholarship
Vaughn Industries Doug Porter Memorial Scholarship    $1000    March 3, 2017 Doug Porter Memorial Scholarship
Zinggia Art Scholarship    $2000    March 4, 2017    Zinggia Art Scholarship
Grob Apprenticeship/Scholarship    Free Associates Degree/Fulltime Wage March 17, 2017 Grob Industries Apprenticeship/Scholarship
Whitetails Unlimited Scholarships  Up to $1000  

 March 17, 2017

   Whitetails Unlimited
Community Foundation Scholarships Vary

 March 22, 2017   12:00pm

   Community Foundation Scholarships
Millstream Area Credit Union Scholarships Varies

March 25,2017


April 30,2017

   Millstream Credit Union Scholarship Opportunities
Marie Berry Scholarship     March 27, 2017 Marie Berry Scholarship  
Agri-Business Scholarship   March 31, 2017    Agri-Business Scholarship
Barbara Fleming Scholarship    $500    March 31, 2017 Barbara Fleming Memorial - Nursing
Lima Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship    $1500    March 31, 2017    Lima Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship
Masons Oran L. Goodman Scholarship    $1000    March 31, 2017    Masons Oran L. Goodman Scholarship
Blanchard Valley Health Systems Scholarships    Vary    Vary    BVHS Scholarships
Blanchard Valley Health System - Kathleen Higgins Nursing Scholarship $500-$1000    April 1, 2017 Kathleen Higgins Nursing Scholarship
Blanchard Valley Health System - Medical Explorers Scholarship $500-$1000 April 1, 2017 Medical Explorers Scholarship
Blanchard Valley Health System- Findlay Auxiliary Scholarship $1000 Maximum April 1, 2017 Findlay Auxiliary Scholarship
Impact Credit Union Scholarship    $1000    April 1, 2017 Impact Credit Union Scholarship
Lions Club        April 1, 2017 Lions Club Scholarship
Old Fort Banking Scholarship (U of Findlay, Heidelberg, Tiffin)    $1000    April 1, 2017 Old Fort Banking Company Scholarship
Robert L. Rhoad Scholarship        April 1, 2017 Robert L. Rhoad Scholarship
Arlington BGSU Scholarship    Varies    April 3, 2017    Arlington BGSU Scholarship
Sharon K. Jolliff Scholarship    $500    April 3, 2017 Sharon K. Jolliff Scholarship
Judge Reginald J. Routson    $1000    April 7, 2017 Judge Reginal J. Routson Scholarship
Findlay Kiwanis Scholarship



   April 15, 2017    Findlay Kiwanis Scholarship
Fort Findlay Daughters of American Revolution    $1,000 April 15, 2017 Fort Findlay DAR

Youtheatre College Scholarship

    April 17,2017    Youtheatre College Scholarship

Mennel Milling Apprenticeship Work Opportunity

  April 27,2017 Mennel Milling Apprenticeship Work Opportunity

Gerald & Eilene Inbody Scholarship

$500    April 28, 2017 Gerald and Eilene Inbody Scholarship

Ester Ellen Bormuth Memorial Scholarship

   $1000    May 1, 2017 Ester Ellen Bormuth Memorial Scholarship

Ferrell Family Scholarship

$1000    May 1, 2017 Ferrell Family Scholarship    FFM Application Form


Robert A. Klingler Col, LPA Scholarship

$1000    May 31, 2017 Ohio Problem-Solving Scholarship

Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship

   $1000    June 1, 2017    Aspiring Animation Professional 
Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship $1000    June 1, 2017 Aspiring Fashion Professional
Aspiring Business Professional Scholarship    $1000    June 1, 2017  Aspiring Business Professional Scholarship
Aspiring Nurse Scholarship    $1000  June 1, 2017      Aspiring Nurse Scholarship


Wells Fargo College Steps Sweepstakes

   $5,000    Varies    College Steps Sweepstakes

Vaughn Industries Apprenticeships

    Vaughn Industries Apprenticeship Brochure




























































































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